Monday, January 24, 2011


         These are the note cards I made for my Physiology of Psychology class. I'm not looking forward to memorizing all of these but that's why I have broken them up into groups of 20 so the task is not as daunting. My goal is to make all A's again this semester so I have already started making study guides for all my tests and reading all the chapters.
         So far I think Physiology of Psychology is going to be my hardest class just because there is so much information. My Sense and Perception class could be hard as well though because the professor that is teaching that also taught the Psychopharmacology class that I took which was extremely hard. I'm also taking an online class which I don't think I will have to study much for, just read and and making sure I stay on schedule with everything.

I hope everyones semester has started off good!

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