Sunday, January 23, 2011

Down at the PV Clubhouse...

            I just witnessed one of the most entertaining football games I think I've ever seen. I meant to see the Chicago Bears go against the Green Bay Packers, but I'm glad I went to see the Steelers (Pitsburgh) and the Jets (New York). Truly, I could've just watched the game from home, but I decided it would be fun to go down to the Patriot Villiage Clubhouse, eat some pizza, and watch the game with my fellow apartment dwellers. On top of the fact that the game was great (a 24-19 score, going to the Steelers), it was nice to sit and chat with my roommate and some of the other people that live in my building.
            One guy I talked to was the roommate of my roommate's boyfriend. Yeah, I know, but it was still cool to talk to him. The free food was just the cherry on top of the end of my quiet Sunday. It was nice to be around people you live with and just talk over some football. Who knows, if PV decides to have a Super Bowl viewing, I definately plan on going.

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