Friday, May 9, 2014

My summer to-do list!

     Summer time is here!! The long-awaited break has arrived! This is the happiest time of the year where students unwind and relax for three months. Some take summer school, others just hang around. I will be just relaxing this summer and I am beyond excited! Here's a To-Do List of what I want to do!

My list:
  • Get out of Tyler
  • Visit Austin for the first time (I know, sad)
  • Catch up on shows
  • Work
  • Have Shiver's snow cones
  • Go shopping 
  • Loose my junior 15
     This will be one of the few summers where I don't take summer school. Being a college student, three whole months is a lot to have a break. It will definitely be great not worrying about class deadlines, group projects or exams! 

     I haven't really been out of Tyler except for the occasional trips to Dallas. This is sad. I need to get out more. I used to not be able to afford going out so I never planned for any road trips. But now I have a job! Yay! Money definitely helps have more fun! I plan on visiting Austin for my birthday because there's a lot to do down there! I definitely want to try some food trucks and the shopping experience! It has been 6 months since I have been shopping. This is a problem. The reasoning behind that is that I plan to lose the weight I gained, so that I can reward myself with new clothes. 

My reaction to being lazy this summer
     I cannot wait until I can watch Netflix again! There have been so many shows that I have missed! For example: Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, and I will start watching the Game of Thrones! This show has been so hyped up that it will definitely won't disappoint. Hopefully. Maybe this isn't the most productive thing, but whatever, I deserve it after all my hard work.

    When I'm not at work, I will definitely hit the pool and lay out for carefree summer days! If you guys haven't planned an awesome break, you definitely have to!

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