Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for Making the Most of Your Space!

So, it is finals week and between studying for exams, many people are packing up to go back home for the summer. While I am one of those people and I have been living on double shot espressos for about a week, I am already planning my decoration for my apartment for fall semester when I move back in. Why? Potentially a combination of lack of sleep, an over-abundance of creativity, and just wanting to have an entire summer to plan and organize where I want to keep things so I am not scrambling around midterms trying to find things that haven’t been moved for an entire half semester. What some call organized chaos is what others call a disaster area.
Are you going to be this guy?
When moving in to your new place, whether a dorm or an apartment, it is important to keep a few things in mind. It takes a lot longer to set your decorations up than it does to tear it all down at the end of the year when you have to move out (unless you are living there over the summer!) In honor of UT Tyler’s new housing option called Eagle’s Landing, I have made a list of helpful tips for redecorating your place while making the most of your space!

-No room for a nightstand? Or is your nightstand being used already by books and a lamp? This handy dandy contraption attaches to your mattress and can hold your TV remote, journal, phone, etc. It is also apparently under $8, which makes this space saver a great investment. 
This is just too perfect (:
-Jump on the string light bandwagon. String lights are taking over Pinterest interior design boards and they are taking over Tumblr as we speak. They usually go for about 75% after Christmas! Here’s a fun alternative to the classic string light, clothespin DIY photo board.
I wonder if Red Solo Cups would work too!
-Love to travel? Or plan to? Get the look of having an Instagram vacation wall by putting a world map on your wall. Mark of the places that you have been or the places that are on your bucket list! This is all much, much cheaper than going and getting a passport and a visa. Not to mention, this is a great conversation starter.
Part mosaic, part map: all awesome
-We all have important valuables, but a safe is not always a practical option to put into a small dorm or even an apartment bedroom! Hollow out an old book to use as a secret stash to keep your extra room key or other important things whenever you are out. Here are directions on how to make one! 

Good luck on the rest of your finals and have a safe, fun summer holiday, Patriots!

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