Friday, May 2, 2014

Enroll for summer courses!

     Are you staying in Tyler for the summer? Do you want to go ahead and get some credits done? Why not take summer courses!! The University of Texas at Tyler offers students the opportunity to take courses over the summer to satisfy core, degree or minor requirements!

     There are different options you can take for summer school. You can enroll in short summer, long summer, summer 1 or summer 2. The different between these sessions is when classes will occur. Short summer's classes begin May 19 and end June 6. Long summer session starts May 19 and ends August 8. Summer 1 classes begin June 9 and end July 11. Summer 2 classes begin July 14 and end August 15. 

     Visit the class registrar page for registrar deadlines and other important dates.

     Click here to check out which classes are available for the summer!

     You can choose to enroll in any session that fits better for your summer schedule and your planes. If you plan to take a vacation the last half of summer, short summer and summer 1 is your best choice. If you plan to go on a vacation the first half of summer, ten summer 2 is a better option. Long summer is definitely catered to students that plan to stay in Tyler for their summer, unless you are taking an online class. This session is also just like a regular semester; you are taking a course with the same time schedule as a spring or fall semester course.

     Summer classes tend to progress at a faster rate then normal classes in the semester would, excluding long summer. These classes expect you to have a test every week and some even includes quizzes as well. There is textbook reading every day since multiple chapters are covered every week. 

     Now, there may be other factors that could make summer courses challenging to manage. This could be because of work or just recreational purposes. First of all, remember, most of these sessions are only approximately a month long! It will be over before you know it. Second, manage your time wisely! Start by setting weekly goals. When will you have the chapters read to be ready for the quiz or test that week? How much time will you set aside to study and do homework? Then think of how work ties in the week. Schedule your study time around class times and work. Set aside time for recreational activities. Remember that you don't want to overload yourself so always take a well deserved break throughout the day! You can visit my blog about meeting class deadlines for more tips!

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