Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Not to Do During Finals Week

So in a little less than two weeks, it will be summer time! However, the only thing keeping us from enjoying sweet, sweet summer are those dreaded final exams. With a case of spring fever and wanting to jump in the pool, how does one throw study time into the mix?
There's always a few like this in class with you, haha!

Here are some ideas of what not to do while preparing for finals week!

-Don’t wait until the last minute: know you have two tests in one? Sometimes it works out that way. While most of the time, your professors will try to work with you on this, it doesn’t always happen the way you want. Manage your time effectively so you don’t end up cramming at the last possible minute and stressing.

Even when you are a cat...
-Don’t lock yourself up in your room with your Powerpoints and class notes for an entire day. Research has shown time and time again that the human brain can only stay on task for about 45-60 minutes. That is about 50 minutes of good, focused study time. Reward yourself with about 10 minutes of fresh air. That is a lot different rewarding yourself with three hours on Tumblr!

-Don’t wait until the last minute to discuss problems with professors and TA’s. If you talk about your difficulties grasping hard concepts early enough in the semester, they can give you some good, sage advice and maybe reach an agreement and work with you. But within the last week? The best you can do is just hope the exam goes well in certain classes. Some classes there are last minute assignments that you can turn in that can cushion the grade. Just make sure you aren’t wasting your professor’s time.

Outside?? Woah, how novel!
-Don’t forget what you came to college for. Yes, it is nice to only have the class that you have the final for that day. Yes, once you will have all that free time to yourself once you get that final out of the way. No, don’t take that as your carte blanche to go party it up and let all that hard work you’ve been putting in all semester leak out when your head is buried in the toilet the next morning. That is irresponsible and stupid. You are in college to succeed and be responsible. Instead, reward yourself with taking your responsible self out to lunch/dinner out to your favorite restaurant out of your choice!

Yes, you! You reading this blog! You can!
-Don’t forget to take care of yourself during that week. With all the other things that are going to be happening, skimping on food and pulling all-nighters is like just asking for the cosmos to go awry. How can you possibly do your best on your exams if you are not at your 100%? This is not the time to go on a new medication that makes you super jittery or start that new colon cleanse everyone is going on and on about. Your body is a machine and if you put junk in your fuel tank, then junk is going to come out! (I’m not even an engineering major and I know that!)

 Finals Week is imminent! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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