Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4 tips on meeting class deadlines!

     Meeting deadlines has got to be the most stressful thing to a college student. There is the looming date of a project, essay or report deadline. Each day it sits in the back-burner simmering. It hovers on top of everything you do to remind you that you still have to do that task. Sometimes it is hard to  balance homework, work and a social life, so here are some tips to help you out!

  1. Buy a planner

    Planners help you organize what you have due by writing the tasks on the space available under each day in the planner. From the first day of class, write each test, assignment, essay deadline on the planner. Doing so will help you see what deadlines you have weekly whenever they are approaching. You are expected to see your planner everyday, so there should be an expectation on when something is due. Make sure your planner has enough space on every day to be able to write all that you have to do. Planners tend to cost between $6-$25 depending on what brand you get. You can buy a simple one, or you can buy yourself a Vera Bradley patterned planner.
  2. Make a schedule

    Schedule different time slots in the day that you want to work on homework. Got a group project? schedule certain times to work on it with your group members. Block out times out of the day that you will be in class or working. Doing so allows you to see when you have free time during that day. This free time can then be condensed to fit in homework, studying or project time. After you fill these slots, you get a general idea of what you have to do that day and it helps organize your time!
  3. Set goals

    When it comes to setting up a schedule and time slots to optimize your time, you are dealing with setting goals. You set a goal on what should be finished on what time and at what time. Meeting these goals allows you to make better use of your day and keeps you organized. Set reasonable goals, if a project will take you more than 5 hours to complete, be sure to space it out during the week and meet the tasks you set for yourself. Be sure to allow breaks in between so that you don't strain your brain and get easily tired to where you won't be able to finish tasks at all.
  4. Reward yourself

    Once you set everything and you meet every task and goal, feel free to give yourself a reward. This can be by simply taking a break from school and watching TV. You should also go out with friends. This can give your mind a break and you can enjoy company that will recharge your energy.  Try to also take a break in between study sessions. If you have to study, do it for 45 minutes then take a 10 minute break. This will allow your mind to take a break and you may retain more information.

     So follow these tips and you are sure to do well with meeting deadlines! 

     Here are other resources to help you manage your time:

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