Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UC Celebration at Patriot Days!

On April 16, there was the UC Celebration for Patriot Days. When I saw the flyer talking about the mini food show and the caricature artist, I got ridiculously excited. Freshman year, we had an artist who would draw people’s backsides! I love the variety of events that UT Tyler brings to our campus. There was so much great energy in the UC.
#no filter #foodie
-I stood in line and got some Ciobani Greek Yogurt, along with some delicious Arizona tea. There was some really neat food, like the potato balls. Those made me so excited, but when I got up there, they were all gone. That means that they must have been absolutely delicious!

Land in a spot and get a discount? Don't mind if I do!
-One of my favorite things was the Bookstore Twister game. I saw brightly colored spots on the ground with different percentages. The point of the game was to throw the eagle and have it land on a discount spot. My aim was so great that I got a 20% discount off any item in the bookstore!

Always say yes to a free smoothie and t-shirt
-There was also a Fitness Expo, where we got a ‘passport’ with different fitness challenges like flexibility and vertical jumps. If you completed all of the fitness checks, you got a stamp in each category. I found out that when you get all the stamps from each station, you could win a free t-shirt! Also, there were free smoothies. I was completely sold. I love smoothies!
Noms for Humanity!
-Humans vs. Zombies registration is up and running! They were having a bake sale in the hallway by the One Stop Shop. With treats like cookie brownies, cheese biscuits, and brain shaped jelly cupcakes, it is clear who the favored winner is. Grab your Nerf gun and get ready to fight for humanity! 

It was so great to see so many people celebrating in one place and being excited to be patriots. Nothing brings people together like free food and loud music (: If you missed it this semester, that's okay! There will be another one next semester and it is going to be fun too!

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