Sunday, April 6, 2014

UT Tyler Greek Week!

     "Let the games begin!" was a popular social media trend among Greek patriots here at The University of Texas at Tyler this past week. The UT Tyler Greek life comes together to celebrate Greek Week! Greek Week is a week long process where all fraternities and sororities compete to win it!
     This was my first Greek Week since I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon last semester. Greek week comprises of different events happening every day. Since the beginning of the fall semester, every chapter has an opportunity to gain points through the final day of Friday, April 4. Points are awarded by winning events as well as getting points from attendance by each member from each affiliation. Here's a schedule of what the events were this week: 

     Besides Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Gamma were all participating in the events.

    Monday's festivities included students painting their car windows representing their affiliation with varying colors. Powder Puff Football was interesting as sororities intermingled and played flag football against each other while the fraternity men cheered them on!

   Tuesday was Project Toga where each fraternity and sorority had 15 minutes for their teams of 5 to dress one person with a toga made out of random materials and cloth. I volunteered as the one being dressed. My bad had a Dora the Explorer bed sheet and we were to make a toga outfit out of it. It also included pom poms, a headband, and a tiara. It was pretty fun and I ended up winning 2nd place! Later that day Greek Games commenced with different fraternities and sororities participated in tug of war, log walk and other interesting games to win points!

   Wednesday's festivities were good with a great breakfast thanking the faculty and staff for their hard work.

   Thursday's Can Castle consisted of every affiliation creating some sculpture made out of cans for a food drive. It was great to see different creations made out of simple cans. We made a lion out of cans and won 3rd place for the number of cans!

  Friday consisted of a Service Day at the East Texas Food Bank where Greek life students got to give back to the community as they got involved. Lip Sync was an event where every chapter got to do a skit and choreography to a certain theme. Overall this was a great week to have been able to be involved in Greek life.

Follow the Greek life Facebook page to see the latest updates!

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