Monday, April 7, 2014

UT Tyler's Pollen Storm

              It's that time of year again, water eyes, snotty noses, and heaps of used kleenex !
Here are some home remedies you can try for those pesky allergy symptoms!

 drink lots of fluid: especially if you are taking a decongestant! HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE

 showeringsteaming hot shower helps soothe sinuses and clear nasal passages, if only temporarily. But showers offer an added benefit for allergy sufferers. A shower after spending time outdoors can help remove allergens from your skin and prevent them from spreading to clothes, furniture, and other surfaces. 

 Eucalyptus oil: The strong aroma of eucalptus helps open the sinuses and nasal passages 

Spicy food:   "an active ingredient in garlic (allyl thiosulfinate) and a similar ingredient in wasabi (isothiocyanates) do appear to have a temporary decongestant effect" according to ABC News' article on 10 Natural Ways to Ease Allergies

neti pot/ saline spray: this will rinse your nose and help get rid of pollen inhaled as well as help with congestion 

Take your medications at night: symptoms such as runny nose, scratchy throat, and sneezing are typically worst in the morning, so take your medication at bedtime. When you wake up, the medication would have already kicked in full force in the morning :) 

  Have kleenex in hand! You don't want to be that person in class that keeps sniffing up  snot! We've all had those peers... and it sounds gross.. just saying! Don't be that person!

UT Tyler's student can go visit the University Health Center Clinic ! Make your appointment today!


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