Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cosplay, Fandoms, and Getting Involved-Oh My!

Everyone has a “thing” that makes their eyes widen and their mouths go a mile a minute. For some people, it’s Dr. Who, for others it’s Supernatural, and so on and so forth. So many fandoms and so little time! How do you find where you belong? The best advice I can offer is to get involved, whether it is with a trusted friend or a full blown convention of your choice. The sky is the limit and it is all about what you are comfortable with.
I never knew how true this was until I went on my fandom vision quest!

Which brings me to my next point: where to get involved? My “thing” is anime and I thought I was completely alone in this (Later on I would find that my “thing” was finding how other people found their “thing”). It was in high school that I finally gushed about my love of anime to my circle of friends at a slumber party (yay for peer pressure!) They were amazingly supportive. As it turns out, they had gone to conventions before. Now, I had heard rumors about these conventions before, but I thought it was completely out of reach for an awkward, lanky fourteen year old version of me. They told me stories about how people would walk around in costume and one could take pictures with them, how there were question and answer panels with your favorite voice actors and they would talk like your favorite characters if so requested, etc. I knew I had to be a part of that world. Being able to be in costume on a day other than Halloween? Please sign me up! So we would meet up at each other’s houses every other Friday and watch shows, talk about costumes, and design really cool costumes for each other. It was like a fashion show with your closest friends! I highly recommend it.

After getting inspired by my circle of friends, I began following the convention circuit and liking artists and professional cosplayers. I began cosplaying in summer of 2013, where my first convention was A-Kon in Dallas, Texas! It was ridiculously huge and I spent a lot of time in line, talking to everyone. This past weekend, I went to Brony Fest in Lewisville, Texas, where I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was a blast and I met some amazing artists that have truly inspired me. 

Me with Circle Art Designs' Kathryn and Miranda (:
When I first got to the convention, there was a booth that captured my eyes and my heart. It was called Circle Art Designs by Kathryn and Miranda, a truly awe inspiring mother and daughter dynamic duo. Miranda designs the pillows and Kathryn does the stitching and embroidery. Each piece is a work of art and unique! They do custom orders as well, I found out. I bought my dad a Star Trek, Harry Potter, Dr. Who crossover pillow. He loved it! The look on his face was priceless. Miranda is a very talented and gifted Wagnerian soprano, having traveled to different countries to wow audiences with her opera singing. Check out her facebook site here! J (put pic here)
Me with Sculptural Renaissance's Beverly (:

 After I bought a Princess Cadance and a Shining Armor pillow (what can I say? My OTP!), I went outside into the extension of the dealers’ room where more artists had set up their booths. I love being surrounded by art. As a dancer, it is refreshing and eye opening to see fellow artists who use different media flourish around you. What I found next was astounding and took my breath away! As delicate as snowflakes and just as unique and carefully crafted, on the white booth were polymer clay miniatures by Sculptural Renaissance. The detailing on the miniatures was so profound; I could only imagine the patience of the artist. I introduced myself to the very talented artist. Her name is Beverly and I learned that not only does she have the patience of a saint, she also has the voice of an angel! She is a very skillful singer and I loved listening to her CD in my car. Check her out here!

I met Kat in the cosplay contest when she was dressed up like Poison Ivy. Her costume was so intricate and one of a kind! She had leaves sewn onto her costume, giving it a very natural look. I told her I loved her costume, it was beautiful! I got to learn so many fun things about putting together unique and special pieces. I learned that she made her hair fall that initially caught my eye. Her spunky, can-do spirit is truly infectious and she was so much fun to get to talk to. Her yarn hair falls are made up of different types of yarn and they are so festive and fun! I bought one for my hair and one for a tail to my costume. I was amazed by how soft they are.  One of the great things about entering cosplay contests is getting to meet some really great people! Check out Hair by Kat here J

Me with Kat (: from Hair By Kat (:
There comes a time in every conventioneer’s weekend where they have to check out of the hotel and start getting ready to get used to life ‘out of costume’ again. Until then, get involved! There’s a fandom out there for you just waiting to be explored and loved.

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