Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boba Loompia!

Adobo: meat marinated in spices and soysauce
          Finally, a Filipino restaurant will open right across the street from UT Tyler's campus! Personally, I can't wait till this restaurant opens! As a fellow Filipino that lives a couple of hours from home for school, I really have learned to appreciate my mother's cooking. That is one of the things I miss about being home...THE FOOD

     If you have passed University Boulevard you would have seen that right across O-Hall and the tennis courts area,  the construction site where numerous food places are being built including Steak n Shake. Unfortunately, there has not been an actual opening date for these restaurants but progress is being made!

Tapioca Pearl      
Boba Loompa offers boba or bubble tea  which is a type of drink containing tapioca pearls. The actual drink the tapioca comes in varies. You can put the "bobas" in milk tea and other fruity flavors like strawberry and avocado. You can even put boba in smoothies! The other food item that Boba Loompa has advertised on the sign aside from the traditional Filipino are spring rolls. In tagalog, which is the Filipino language, spring rolls are actually called "lumpia". Again, I cannot wait until this restaurant opens and I don't need to drive two
                                                     and a half   hours to taste some of my favorite Filipino
Boba tea

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