Monday, April 28, 2014

UT Tyler Student Leadership and Service Awards!

     The University of Texas at Tyler takes notice of notable students here on campus. Whether these student lead with service or overall leadership qualities, the university honors such students with an awards ceremony to present them with. Thursday, April 24th, the awards ceremony took place at the University Center Ballroom at 6 p.m.

     The awards ceremony consisted of different speakers introducing each award. Here is a list of the awards given that night:

Awards Given Through Nomination
  • Dr. Robert Jones Leadership Award
    • Award given to a student who demonstrates leadership and academic excellence. The student is reviewed for their involvement in programs and/or organizations at UT Tyler, as well as leadership roles held and community involvement.
  • Emerging Leader Award
    • Given to a student that has the potential to be a continued leader of UT Tyler. 
  • Legacy Award
    • Given to a student that is involved in at least two campus organizations and who has held an elected officer position. This student will leave a legacy of leadership as they have mentored their peers. The student will show the potential to be a continued leader after graduation.
  • Outstanding Student Organization Member
    • Given to a student who has helped their organization achieve its  goals and mission effectively through their involvement.
  • Outstanding Student Organization President
    • Given to a student who has exemplified positive leadership skills to their student organization. A president who has provided the best example for other members to follow.
  • Outstanding Student Organization Adviser
    • Given to an individual who has motivated and encouraged their respective organization the best. The individual who has been an effective motivator.
  • Program of the Year
    • Given to an organization that demonstrated the best creativity, organization, and innovation in a program that enhanced UT Tyler student life.
  • Student Organization of the Year
    • Given to an organization that has showed the most school spirit and has positively contributed to campus life through their programs and activities.
  • Fraternity Man of the Year
    • Given to a student who has demonstrated the best founding principles of his fraternity and demonstrate them every day.
  • Sorority Woman of the Year
    • Given to a student who has demonstrated the best founding principles of her sorority and demonstrate them every day.
  • Outstanding Student Affairs Professional
    • Given to the professional who has shown the most dedication to students through their work and service. An individual who has been the department's goals and has demonstrated a positive perspective towards the growth of their department and the university.

Awards Presented at Ceremony
  • GiveBack Service Awards
  • Student Government Association Awards
  • Who's Who Among Students
  • Greek Cup
  • Intramural Patriot Cup/Patriot Nation Awards

     This awards ceremony was especially memorable since I was nominated for Fraternity Man of the Year! I was nominated for my contribution to Sigma Alpha Epsilon and for implementing our founding principle and creed of being a True Gentleman. I was one out of the three that were nominated for this. It ended up being a tie with myself and another member of a different fraternity! I was excited to have won this honor and I got a certificate to go along with it. I'm also excited to see my name in a small plaque outside of the Office of Student Life and Leadership along with the past winners!

     Getting involved on campus is definitively a great experience here at UT Tyler. It not only enhances your leadership qualities and looks great on a resume, it also helps you meet more people! For more information on organizations you can join go to the Student Life and Leadership website!

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