Friday, March 7, 2014

Crazy Weather at The University of Texas at Tyler

    The winter of 2014 has brought some crazy weather. The student's at UT Tyler even had TWO days of bad weather this week! Due to this weather,  this is a compilation of things you might want to keep in your car just in case:)

jumper cables: When the weather is really cold and it's perilous to drive, remember to at least start your car and let it run for 5 min. Doing so recharges your battery especially in the low temperature when the cold decreases the power of the battery available  to start the car. Find a more detailed explanation here! Need help figuring out how to use jumper cables? Click here!

ice scrapper: This might be manual and slower work, but it is safer for your windows that pouring water on it! Especially when it is extremely  cold and the water refreezes, ice scrappers come really handy!

 charger: You can find car chargers EVERYWHERE! Keeping one in your car is a life saver, especially for us college students who uses our phones for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Which brings me to our next items...

Flash light and maps: "There's an App for that" Literally. So if you don't want to have a physical map or flash light in your car, go and download those apps! GO GO GO! (which is why you should have access to a charger in your car ^^^^^)

 Water, towels, or an extra blanket: Hey, if you ever get stranded somewhere at least you're gonna stay hydrated and warm! Also, extra towels are useful especially when it's raining and snowy outside! I don't like the smell of a wet car so I need to do this!

 Umbrella: If you live in Texas, it can monsoon, snow, drought, in the same week.. OK, a bit of an exaggeration but Texans get it. PREPARE FOR ANY TIME OF WEATHER!

Other useful car shenanigans 

 tire pressure gauge( click here to find out how to use one!)
                     car's manual
                                             first aid kit
                                                                  tire repair kit

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