Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Break Destination

Destination for Springs Break 2014!

UT Tyler's Spring Break is coming up in just two weeks! Can you believe it? The semester is going by so fast and on the week of March 10-14, UT Tyler Patriots will be enjoying their much anticipated Spring break vacation! I have compiled the most visited college student's vacation spots for spring break.

South Padre, Texas
South Padre, Texas: Everyone and their grandmothers have heard of South Padre. This beach is one of the most visited during Spring Break. South Padre is located on the coastal tip of Texas... at the very very VERY bottom tip of Texas. Sand dunes and empty beaches north of the city limit are perfect for camping, four wheeling as well as stunning view of the bay and Gulf of Mexico. It's the perfect getaway if you are looking for your very own private stretch of beach. Other attraction aside from  beach activities  includes Sea Turtle IncPort Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site,South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sealife Center !

2. Panama City, Florida: If you're not content with Texas beaches, then head on over to Florida! Panama City is located on the panhandle of northwest Florida on St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. In my opinion, Florida beaches are a bit better than Texas' (sorry! Don't be upset at me!). This beach is definitely a lot more clearer than ones in Texas, which I like since I like to see my toes when i'm in the water! It's too creepy when you can't! Is it just me that feels that way?... For a "things to do" list in Panama City, click here ! 

3.  Mexico: Of course we can't forget about Mexico! I haven't gone yet but I have friends who have gone and they love it! Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta are some of the most popular places.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 
According to Mexico's travel guide website, "despite its popularity as a tourist hot spot, Puerto Vallarta has managed to retain some of its small-town charm. PV attracts a more sophisticated crowd than some of Mexico's other popular oceanside retreats. Here, you'll find a beautiful boardwalk and upscale hotels" 

Playa del Carmen has " carved its own Euro-chic niche along the Yucatán Peninsula. Sophisticated expats and vacationing Europeans relax at the beachside lounges, upholding this small enclave's  reputation The area's nerve center is El Zócalo, and similar to Mediterranean beachfront towns like Nice, the funky little public square is within walking distance of the beach." 

While Cancun.. well EVERYONE knows Cancun , and is one of the MOST popular tourist destination in Mexico. 

5. Colorado: Now if you live in Texas, where it's pretty much in the higher temperature for 85% of the year,
you might want want a little escape to the colder climate! Colorado is just the PLACE TO BE if you want to dabble into skiing, snowboarding, and just playing in the snow!

I asked my fellow workmates where their DREAM vacation is... This is what they said!

Kevin: Ibiza, Spain 
Michael: Singapore 

Carver: Italy 

Julia: India 

Amelia: Swiss Alps

Keerin:  Switzerland 

As for me, Santorini Greece. Greece has always been on my bucket list. One day it will happen! 


Jayce Miller said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm actually going to South Padre. Love the blogs gabby keep it up. I'm a true fan!

Rocky Ahmed said...

Lots of great tips in here, all of that are my dream destination. The great wall of China is on my list as well. I live for a long time in Dallas so my first priority are coolest place. The food matters a lot to me, I want something Asian food, hot and spicy flavor. Thank you for sharing your post.

Irving Cab

Shakil said...

All of the above list for spring break destination are my favorite and dreams one day I will visit this places. I live in Dallas and for sure top of my list is in Panama, Florida then Europe. This is something I should work hard to visit and fulfill my dreams. Thank you for inspiring me by sharing your post.

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