Friday, February 21, 2014

New shopping location for UT Tyler students!

     Tyler,Texas is a small city that with every new establishment there is always guaranteed buzz. Everyone likes to experience new things and get a feel of something different. Whenever a new restaurant opens, the establishment is always full of people waiting to try food from a different place they haven't before. This is why it is very exciting to see that Tyler is getting a new shopping square called The Village at Cumberland Park!

     The shopping village is under construction and will be located at the junction of South Broadway Avenue and Loop 49. The shopping center is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2014. The building project will cover an acreage of 80 acres and 700,000 square feet of retail complexes, as well as restaurants!

Projected shopping complex
    This shopping village is designed to provide families and friends with a contemporary shopping experience as they can also dine and shop in an outdoors ambiance. This shopping village does not seem like any other shopping center here in town. I have been to other shopping centers, but this one appears to provide an outdoors lounging scene for shoppers. 

     Tyler should always provide residents with new shopping opportunities. Having new stores, restaurants and other entertainment amenities attracts tourism to the small city. This could in turn attract new residents that could increase the population potentially increasing the size of Tyler even more. 

     The website for their shopping complex provides a list of different retailers and restaurants for you to see. Personally, I am very excited to see that DSW, Designer Shoe Warehouse, will be coming to town. Any store that specializes in selling well known brands is definitely great! I am also excited for the Studio Movie Grill. This establishment allows people to dine and watch a movie at the same time! The seating is limited so it is a 100% reservation based. To wait for the movie, the establishment also provides entertainment for people such as eating there or lounging around. 

     Feel free to check their website or like their Facebook page to stay updated on the construction plans or any new retailers coming!

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