Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holiday Retail Experiences

This past holiday break was full of great memories from spending time with friends, and spending time with family. You couldn't help but feel the Christmas cheer and New Year hype. This was a nice break from all the study night grinds.

I went back to working retail at Hollister again over the break. It was constant running around as people scrambled to purchase Christmas presents. I may also have become a bit claustrophobic. Maybe. It got really hot as well in the store as all those people were crammed into the small area.

I was able to tolerate it though, as retail can be really fun. Co-workers are the best and we make the time enjoyable as we get to see each other. You should definitely try working retail to learn necessary people skills.

Here is where retail comes into play.

You learn:

·         Interpersonal skills
·         Customer service
·         Work experience

All three are important components in refining your work abilities when you go out into the real world job market. In any field it is excruciatingly important for you to have interpersonal as well as communication skills. Everyone needs to be an effective communicator no matter what your job market is. You needs to effectively express your ideas and opinions or else the dam will not be built right, the patients won’t be taken care of properly, and the computers won’t be wired properly.

Customer service is essential in every job field as your basically pleasing a customer’s demand. This is why retail is a good foundation to start out your work experience. You will learn how to interact with people in a professional setting.

                You should definitely try retail options such as working at the mall, or even smallboutiques.

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