Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Doodle Enrollment Services Story at UT Tyler

Sometimes a tough class just doesn't go your way. It is a lot like in the Oh the Places You’ll Go book when it discusses how sometimes you’ll fail at a certain thing. Don’t beat yourself up- you’re not a failure and it is not the end of the world. There are options. As an undergraduate, you get three grade replacements and with your graduate plan, one has two grade replacements. Whether it is a failure of getting the grade you want or getting into the class you want, it is likely we will all encounter failure of some sort in our lives. 

Some mountains are bigger than others
This is what happened to me in the chaos that was last week. Now, let’s have a pause and take a deep cleansing breath. We all survived! So, we all know the importance of checking to make sure you are enrolled in all the desired classes before the first day of school and checking Blackboard for grades, but for some reason or another, it just snuck up on me. It was awful.  Please learn from my mistake. Running around campus trying to get enrolled in a closed class two hours before the 5 o’clock drop deadline, begging for a seat in a closed class is absolutely no fun. It is stressful and chaotic and you realize all the people you need to talk to are either a) out to lunch, b) out of the office but “very interested in your call”, or c) you just missed them and they are unaccounted for.
Pingu believes in you!
Always remember: you are more than your transcript and you are more than your GPA. Remember that this is not to say don’t take your studies seriously and blow off your classes, but don’t let those numbers define your sense of self-worth.

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