Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Path

   College can be stressful? I am not sure that such a phrase is exactly the kind of wisdom you will find carved on a stone near the oldest human settlements on account of how obvious it is, but there is a lesson that comes from it. College is the beginning of something bigger and better. I know, I know - you probably heard that about High School, too. The thing is, High School prepares you for social interactions with others on a large scale where-as college prepares you for ... well, being you.

Again, I am sure you heard that about High School or about going to X event and/ore doing Y and Z. The thing about college is? You get a lot of freedom and yet you still need to do your work. Unlike "the real world," where you get paid to do whatever job you voluntarily signed up for, college is a skills-test on a higher level.

You (or, your family) paid money to do tasks. More often than not, you voluntarily signed up for this, but unlike with you? You're not being paid. You will be graded, you will be tasked with assignments often out of your interest circle, and worst of all? You will be awarded a rather large amount of freedom in many cases to do those tasks.

The biggest issue is then this - are you going to do your work on time, ahead of schedule, or not do it at all. Are you a problem solver who does the assignments via Google and who uses every tool you can? Do you take a lot of notes and make flashcards? Do you find you don't need to study that hard? Do you procrastinate and do everything the night before? Do you micro-manage your grade and determine when you can afford to just skip certain assignments completely since you know one or two F's won't hurt your over-all A?

College is all about freedom, despite how crippling I am sure taking two biology labs at once feels like. You have the freedom to do your work or to put it off, to work hard or to work "just enough."

In the end, the path to success is yours.

College is one chance to find that path on your own terms.

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