Monday, January 13, 2014

Work Ahead ... or Else!

New semester!

New classes!

New deadlines!

While the third thing I mentioned might not seem like the biggest concern when held against things like "Where is my Financial Aid?" and "Why did my roommates think watching You Got Served was a good idea?"

The thing I have learned as I have begun taking more weekly-content intensive courses in Graduate School is that, more often than not, doing work 2+ days before the suggested deadline is not just important, it is an un-spoken rule. Why? Because working in important content to improve your knowledge base takes time, time you won't get turning in a paper or doing a Blackboard post the night before.

For example: one of my courses has about 3 assignments a week and a series of articles/chapters to read, as well as Blackboard posts etc... This work, if viewed from the singular week overview, seems like a lot. I am sure some of you might feel the same - "I have so much to do this week!"

A GLIMPSE OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE: You during Finals if you don't work ahead now

If possible, do your readings and assignment sheets 2-3 days before they are due. A week, if possible. Read ahead. Take more notes than you need and write your own understandings of the content in your class (again, where possible). While working ahead of time might not seem fun, it frees up a lot more time for to then focus on future assignments with enough freedom to do them at your own pace.

As the new semester begins, free up the weekly content in your schedule by reading early, preparing your Blackboard comments (ones based on your reading/assignment notes) early and have them ready to upload, etc...

Take time and start a few assignments early NOW so you won't feel overwhelmed LATER when you want to do what you enjoy vs. what you're assigned to do.

Cause you have awesome hip-hop battles to train for!


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