Thursday, December 12, 2013

The end of the semester!

                The semester is over! Now it is officially Holiday break!  Well for me anyway. This semester was packed with upper level classes for the first time ever. I was able to handle it pretty well. One of the classes that gave me most joy was Visual Design. This is the last class I will take concerning designing. This is truly saddening. I loved every opportunity to make a project in class. This course has evolved my skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

                At the beginning, I was encouraged to try my best to buffer my skills further then they were previous semesters. During the pre-requisite design course, I did not do so well in some of our design projects. As I matured within the Mass Communication program, so did my design abilities.

                As stated in my previous blog, I began with a homecoming poster. My poster was picked to advertise the events on campus for Homecoming Kick Off. This was a great feeling. It was validation of my hard work and effort on what I had done.

                Afterwards, we designed brochures advertising our designated events for Homecoming week. I made it. It was a great brochure. It was visually interesting and I had gotten a good grade for it.

                By far one of my favorite parts of the course was designing an advertisement for a fake company. We were assigned to design a full page ad, a half page ad, a logo and a web ad. This sounds like a lot, but it was a great experience. Our “client” was a florist shop. I immediately thought of soft beautiful colors, like mint. Here is the product:

                The final project was to create a t-shirt design to emphasize the theme of “Graphic Design is…” Here I thought of abstract creativity. That’s my favorite part about art. It’s always subjective. There is not always a right or wrong answer. That is one thing I appreciate about it.

                Overall this semester in that class was spectacular, and I am truly sad that my journey in these types of courses is over. If you guys are interested in taking designing courses, you can sign up for them through your myuttyler account.

                If you would like to contact the Department of Communication, click here.

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