Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No Fear Holiday Shopping

This is pretty much how I would feel if I
had to go Christmas Shopping on my own
It is the time of year again where we all begin to look for presents for our relatives and friends to give to them for Christmas! Shopping is easier for some than others; I know that I am terrible at shopping.  Fortunately, I have a loving fiancĂ© who does it for me.  I also have good fortune enough that she just tells me a couple of things to buy for her and I buy from that list.  Some do not have this luxury, however, so I have done some research and have compiled some tips to utilize while you embark on this year’s Christmas shopping adventure!  

First, it is imperative that you plan ahead.  If you want to be organized, then you should make a list of all of those individuals you plan to buy for.  This way you have a checklist to go through as you purchase gifts.  If you want to, you could also set a spending limit for each person to guarantee that you do not overspend.  You could even go as far as including a list of interests or items that the person has expressed an interest in receiving so you have one comprehensive list of Christmas shopping.

Use common sense – don’t believe something if it seems too good to be true.  Sometimes the reason that Playstation 4 is so cheap is because it is fake. Be sure to research your vendor thoroughly in order to guarantee that you actually get the product you are paying for.  A good rule of thumb when purchasing gifts, though, is to avoid places like eBay unless the vendor has a ridiculously high rating. 

Check the dates to make sure your present arrives on time.  This is especially important if you save your shopping until the 20th or later.  Some places take a little longer to ship items than others.  During the checkout phase of your online purchase, there should be an indication of when the soonest the package can arrive.  If the latest possible delivery date is any later than December 24th, you need to find another option.  However, some places like Amazon have next day shipping options for an additional fee.

Be sure to double check the logistical information.  I cannot tell you the number of times that I have ordered something and I forgot to change the shipping information, so it wound up being delivered at my parents’ house, or my old apartment.  In order to save yourself some trouble later, just double check where you are shipping the package.  You also want to be sure that you are charging the correct card.  I accidentally purchased a textbook with my mother’s credit card once because I forgot to change the information during checkout. 
Too many people to buy for? Just shop online to
avoid the physical strain of carrying all
of those gifts!

Shop online if you do not want to go to the physical store.  Places like Amazon have almost every gift possible.  Online retailers are also useful because you can usually find a suggested list of gifts that someone has put together with links to where you can purchase the item.  See this for  an example. I was able to find that list on amazon just by googling “gifts for mom.”  It really is that easy.  If you are unsure what you purchase your boyfriend, just google “gifts for boyfriend” and all the lists will come to you.

Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments, because, as I said earlier, I am not a veteran shopper.  I avoid the activity as much as possible, so I am positive there are certain aspects of shopping that I am leaving out.  Plus, community feedback is awesome!


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