Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday volunteering!

                Holiday season is one of the best times of the year as everyone is full of glee and love. Some families, however, do not get to have such a wonderful time as socio-economic factors do not allow them to be well off around this time. One thing that helps these families is organizations that devote their services to providing food, clothing and shelter to struggling families. This is where volunteering comes into play. Volunteering creates notions of happiness as you are able to help in contributing into helping people.

                Some great organizations here in Tyler that aid in helping people are The Salvation Army and the East Texas Food Bank.

                During the holiday season, the Salvation Army implements its annual Red Kettle Christmas Campaign.  Starting from November 23rd to December 24th, volunteers from all ages ring a bell and greeting customers at local retailers. With a red kettle, volunteers take donations as they spread holiday cheer.  This campaign allows for the organization to provide food, clothing and toys to over 6 million people. It also helps more than 34 million people nationwide who are struggling.

                All you have to do is stand at the location where the red kettle is and ring the bell. You greet every person leaving and entering and thank every person that provides contributions. I've done it in the past, and it has been a great experience as such minimal task can have such a grand effect on someone in need. You’re basically are a part of aiding struggling families have Christmas! There’s no greater feeling.

                Click here to view volunteering opportunities!

                If you’d rather volunteer indoors, you can try going to the East Texas Food Bank. This non-profit organization helps distribute food to East Texans who struggle with hunger. This is such a big issue in America, so great organizations like these, truly make a difference.

                You can volunteer at the food bank in town. Some of the responsibilities include sorting, and packaging donated products. You can pack dried products into smaller quantities to be easily distributed, or you can simply do office work such as filing or photocopying.

                Whichever opportunity you decide on participating in makes a great difference. You are giving your time to help those in need and that creates such a great impact!

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