Friday, December 13, 2013

Forget Me Not!

The semester is at it's end. We all can joyously sleep after this week.The excitement of not having classes for a month is still fresh in our minds.  Let's not get to caught up in the excitement! and forget about some important things to consider about winter break!

1. On Campus Students - CLEAN your rooms, make sure you check out and coordinate with your roommate(s).
2. Use your my.uttyler to check both grades and financial aid! 
3. Make sure to get turn in your books and or/ 
important documents that are needed for next semester!
4. Clean out all your papers from this semester (unless you will need them, which sometimes you do) 
5. Graduating Seniors, this is for you, take a deep breath, relax for a bit! because you GRADUATED!


Keeping up everything is extremely important!
 While some things are alright, being done late due to a loose deadline, this should not be applied to all things! When it comes to classes, enrolling and all things that are under that umbrella, this should take priority and do all that you should do! Keeping a planner or using Google Calender are ways to prevent you from meeting your deadline. I say this because I am a serial forgetful person.  The best way to combat this is to make things so annoying that you won't forget them! Setting multiple alarms or reminders are the key! 

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