Monday, December 2, 2013

The Close of the Year

   Winter is coming in full force soon. This means for many the close of the Fall semester of 2013, visiting family, food, presents, carols, and renewing bonds with friends and kin alike.  As we all approach these wonderful times, there should be a moment taken to consider the state our lives are in.

   Many might be approaching the close of the year with a deficit in prosperity, where-as others might be confronting a surplus. Whatever your situation might be, consider others as the Christmas/Winter season comes to fruition for families across the world.

   Calling those closest (or, farthest) from you is one thing hard for me. However, as I look back on this year? I notice that my blessings far outweigh my blights. While this is great for me as an individual, I am not solely the only person in my family, my college, my city, my state, or my planet. At times even sharing our joys can be as much of a blessing as a present. This has always been particularly hard for me to accept because at heart I say "What good does my bragging do?" The key part I have wrong is the idea behind what "bragging" is. Calling people to talk and share who/what we are as of 2013 isn't explicitly bragging if the attitude we have is centered in love and common dialogue with others.

   When you look back on the story of your life this far in 2013, be sure to share it.

   Stories not read aloud or written for others to read are worthless. Human connection provides the spark that makes our affirmation of love, life, and family come to life.

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