Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding your Groove/Major!

The decision has been made as I find myself in my final major of choice. The major being Computer Information System.Only thing left to follow my heart and mind, will be filling out the papers! This decision became final as I completed both sections of programming fundamentals this fall! Woo-hoo!

I went through a laundry list of majors but only changed my major officially 2 times.The transition  truly just being from Business(Accounting) to Computer Information System. I was lucky enough to not LOSE ANY CREDITS! or take many(only one) extra course not needed to complete my degree. I will only be semester behind(if I don't take summer classes).

Changing my major didn't allow to escape from  business classes. I still have to take a few of them for my minor(minor I choose because it was easy and I had more than half the credits needed).This spring, I will be taking two management classes! which i'm only partially excited because one of them is online and that just sounds awesome at this point. 

It has taking me a bit to get where I am. I wouldn't change the experiences and friends I made while in business. I made an easy transition from high school and college, because I was apart of the Student Learning Community. I did decently in my business classes and was challenged only in accounting. Right now, everything is a challenging, learning new languages and the proper ways to think. What the fun in doing something that your good at if it isn't difficult?

Alas, the semester is at it's demise, I seem to be passing all my classes and procrastination is just nipping at my heels. Overall, this is first semester I feel content with my major and ready to continue on!

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Anonymous said...

If you had trouble as Business Major...god help you if you're going CECS.

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