Monday, December 30, 2013


                Christmas is over….sad face. The best holiday out of the year is gone. All the decorations get taken away. The Christmas lights no longer illuminate your home at night. Your home doesn't smell like pine trees or candy canes. But you know what it can smell like today??? BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

                Yes. Bacon. Today is Bacon Day; not to be confused with international Bacon day which occurred August 31 this year. This is a day where America shall feast on Bacon. Yes, I capitalized Bacon. No grammar rules apply when you must honor the beauty and grace of bacon. This pork succulence can adorn any burger, any dish, any drink with delicious majestic taste.

                Let’s take a moment of silence for Bacon….

                I personally do not know what genius invented this day, but hats off to the guy or girl who did. We all love excuses to celebrate holidays! Go all out this year. Want a bacon costume? Buy it. Want a bacon flavored soda? Drink it. Want bacon underwear? Make it. Why not? YOLO RIGHT?

Kevin Bacon made out of bacon
                Some people under appreciate the power of bacon. It is what drives people out of bed in the morning whenever someone cooks it and you smell the aroma. Dogs even love bacon. “Beggin’ bacon” products were even created as treats for them. Whether human or canine, everybody loves it. There's even a Bacon Royal Society dedicated to all things bacon.

                How can you celebrate this day you say? Go out. Buy packets of bacon. Cook it, fry it, bake it. Whatever idea comes to your head, do it. You could even get Canadian bacon, just because it has the name on it. Watch a movie marathon of Kevin Bacon movies? Why not? Go crazy! 

                If you want to see other unique festive days out of the year, click here.


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