Wednesday, December 25, 2013


                Christmas! The best time of the year is finally here. You either celebrated last night on Christmas Eve, or you have just waited for a more traditional morning like today to celebrate. Whether you enjoy Christmas dinner the night before or the day of, today is sure to be a good day!

                While we may be in college and grown adults, we still reflect back into our childhood days of Christmas wonder; the day where we all would get out of our beds anticipating all the beautiful hues of reds and greens that adorn boxes of mystery underneath the tree. Whether young or old, everyone can’t help but feel happy on this day.

                This day is one of the most special days out of the year as everything tends to be forgiven and love is spread all around. Whether you severed ties or lost connections, the magic of Christmas brings everyone together.

                I personally love this time of the year; the music, the lights, the decorations, even the movies. I LOVE Christmas movies. I cry every time. No shame.

                Today should be a day where you let go of any bad energy and embrace life and all the people that surround you. Be thankful of what you have, and spread kindness.

                There are not many things you can do today out in the city as things are generally closed, but you can spend it with your family. You could watch Netflix. You could play board games with family, especially Taboo, that’s always fun. Play video games, do anything, and remember today is a special day, so try to enjoy it.

                Also, no shame in popping in Elf in the DVD player. Best movie ever!

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