Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feeling Greek?

                The thing about small cities is that they aren't small enough to the point where Bealls is the mall and the mini supermarket is the Wal-Mart. That being said, Tyler, Texas lacks some excitement, but it still has enough amenities to not be considered a small town. Even though there is no three story malls, there is something you can count on being in Tyler; Restaurants. Tyler has a lot of restaurants with new establishments already being built. What does this mean? You have options.

                There’s Mexican, Italian, Southern, Chinese and even Mongolian. There may even be foods from all over the world; you never know. There are too many restaurants in town to actually go to each one. Depending on budgets, it may even take you some months to actually go to every restaurant. But there is one restaurant that you should try that just opened up. Athena Greek Restaurant!

                Located to the left of the Toyota dealership, Athena offers authentic Greek food from delicious lamb meat gyros to Greek lasagna. Why not be adventurous and check out different cuisines of the world? Some foods like fried insects from Thailand may not sound appetizing, but you will never know if you never try it.

                I enjoyed my meal at Athena. They had friendly staff and the owners seemed family oriented, just as you see Greek families being like in movies. I had an appetizer platter that had a little bit from every appetizer including hummus, feta cheese, lamb meat, and Greek yogurt. For the entree, I tried the Greek lasagna called Pastitsio containing lamb meat, penne pasta and feta cheese on top.

Pastitsio with pita chips and Greek yogurt
Appetizer platter

                Overall it’s a great restaurant if you’re in the mood to try something new. I’m definitely going back to try some chicken kabobs!

                If you would like directions to Athena from UT Tyler, click here.

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