Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Scares You?

With Halloween upon is it comes time for the age old question "What scares you?" For me loads of movies used to frighten me ( rather easily, I admit ) but now I love them.

   I have had many friends who come face to face with scary films and either love them or hate them. When I asked one such friend who dis-liked horror films her opinion on what scared her, she replied that it was anything monstrous. Meanwhile one of my other friends thought the idea of monsters at all was ludicrous. To this friend the idea of ( say ) the slasher film, where anybody could be a killer? That frightened her because it was real!

Hail to the King

   For me, the un-natural and the taboo are what totally creeps me out! Cannibalism?  Evil parents? Little kids who are killers? Anything that is mundane yet turns out to be wrong = gives me the jeebies.

   Still, my biggest fear? Zombies. The idea of some ugly, writhing monster ( that was ONCE human ) trying to turn me into Zombie-Chow? NOPE! That spooks me. Still, over time zombies have become my favorite kind of guilty pleasure horror troupe.

   What about you? What kinds of things do you find scary as we approach Halloween?

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