Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

As you may know, Halloween is Thursday! :D This is the day I always look forward to because I love costumes and dressing up, but as you probably know- class work  invariably gets the fun fall spirit a little dampened. This year, I was determined to work ahead of schedule to not let this happen so I could preview my cosplay at the Halloween parties before going to A Kon so I could have time to revamp it and improve it. 

"You better work."

This year I am dressing up as (human) Rarity from My Little Pony. (insert picture of Rarity with glasses) She is one of my favorite characters because she is so ladylike and independent, but sassy at the same time. I love her! I decided in May of last year that I was going to get a Rarity costume together. When I dress up as a character, I go all out and act as “in character” as possible. 

I found the perfect white camisole for the costume. It is ribbed like a sweater and bejeweled, enough to make the canon Rarity unicorn’s eyelashes flutter with excitement. Now, when Rarity puts on the red horn rimmed glasses, she means business. It means she’s making dresses and fashion designing. The human version of this means “business” dress code, so I paired the bejeweled white camisole with a black blazer and a black pencil skirt. The real magic happened with the shoes though: a pair of six inch, purple leopard print, peep toe stiletto heels. The purple stiletto echoes the rich dark purple in Rarity’s hair, which brings me to my next point.

This color could never work as pink
The only real problem with the costume was my hair, of course. My hair is a light blonde and Rarity’s hair is a dark purple (see here). A permanent dye was out of the question and a wig was too expensive, so the only other real option was trying to find something temporary. Unfortunately, my hair is so light, everything purple went on pink! Whoops! Luckily, my makeup job more than made up for it and I called it a night by just giving myself loose curls. Rarity wears light blue eye shadow, which matches her cutie mark (which I drew on my face with sparkly blue eyeliner, and long sparkly eyelashes. I successfully put fake eyelashes on and rocked them! The costume was a costume was a success!

You know you want to <3
The finishing accessories were my red, rhinestone horn rimmed glasses and my yellow tape measure. I even thought about carrying a little Rarity stuffed animal just to make sure that people would know who I was if they saw me! I wish you luck in your Halloween costume endeavors, readers!

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