Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You have new Halloween plans!

                Old tales of headless horsemen, witches, and creepy crawly things that roam the night have been passed through generations. Ominous nights are shared around the country and screams are sure to be certain. Kids in costumes flock the streets to ravish in sweet deliciousness. Adults get together in social environments to have an excuse to dress in costume. These all represent one of the most beloved holidays  aside from Christmas; Halloween.

                There’s so much going on in one night that you hardly have time to decide where you will spend your night. Will you go to a haunted house?  Will you go to a get together? Or will you stay at home and study calculus? Who knows…but one thing is certain. Things are happening.

                SigmaAlpha Epsilon will host a fundraising event called Monsters for Miracles, Thursday, October 31st at the UC Ballroom. This event will last from 8-11 p.m.  There will be FREE FOOD. Yes, free.There’s a cover charge of $5. All the proceeds will go to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as it is the fraternity’s philanthropy service.

                Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that helps low fund families afford medical treatment as well as raising money for new medical equipment. This is a great opportunity for struggling families who cannot afford health services.

You are all encouraged to wear a costume. What does this mean? A costume contest. Will you dress up? Obviously. There will be food and a DJ playing the whole night. So if you don’t have anything planned, you should definitely go. The cost shouldn't discourage anyone, as you are donating to a great cause. It is cheaper than going to a “haunted house” with entrance rates ranging from $15-$25. We’re college students. We don’t have the resources to pay that much for fun. So why not show some support and come out to the event.

Here’s the flyer I made for the event:

Need costume ideas? Don’t fret! We actually have a seasonal store in Tyler just for costumes. Pppsshhhhh. Mind Blown. Boom. Let’s go! It’s called Spirit of Halloween and it is located on Broadway Ave. If you need directions from the university to the store, click here.

Go crazy! You want to be a toilet seat? Go for it! You want to be tooth, why not? This is one of the few nights a year where people will not get judged for what you’re wearing. Well, except for the best costume contest.

                So go nuts and don’t spend too much money on a costume if you don’t already have one.

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