Sunday, October 20, 2013

Social media use in modern society

                Social media has become a pop culture phenomenon since Friendster, one of the first social networking sites, was created. There is media outlets such as blogging, micro blogging, photo and video sharing, writing forums and even podcast sharing. These outlets include Facebook, Twitter, word press, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram.

                Social media has seen different spectrums of uses. These range from business networking sites like LinkedIn to the six second video sharing Vine site. Yet the most popular ones are the ones where sharing content is unlimited and free from definition such as Facebook posts or sharing your everyday life in photo form with Instagram.

                Facebook has become a powerhouse not only among the public but businesses as well. It has grown to an international level, where businesses use Facebook to post about company information, campaigns, events or even outsourcing information to reach wide audiences. There are millions of users, so is very uncommon to find people that don’t have a Facebook.

                Twitter and Facebook have allowed the decimation of information to be very quick and access an array of users internationally through its software. Journalists update on breaking news through Twitter and Facebook. News outlets can share news rapidly like never before. They no longer have to solely depend on printing dates to have their information out to their readers. Companies live tweet events. Even celebrities share their public lives through posting.

                Besides professional use, social media has becoming an outlet for every generation to share information, pictures, and even videos of their everyday life. Some blog about their interests, some tweet every second and others share every possible picture of their cats and dogs. Verbs have been created for some social media sites if that’s not an indication to its popular use. It has become a pass time where we are constantly on our phones and computers to spend free time. Laughter, joy and tears are caused through such mediums but overall it has created a recreation way to spend time with technology.

                Sites like Instagram, vine, and snap chat have created a pathway to spending endless minutes on our phones as typically younger generations have decided to share everything.  Selfies are subject to fill profiles in Instagram and snap chat, while people do crazy things to share six second videos on Vine.
                 Overall, technology has revolutionized how to stay connected internationally with friends and family. Staying connected has become cheaper through chats and video calls on their websites. International family members no longer need to call and pay international fees as Facebook and other chat forums have made it easier to talk, as well as make video calls.

                It has also evolved how easy we can get information and news that our world had never seen before. We will always be subject to future technological advances, so we will see how software developers and innovators mold future societies.  


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