Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tempted by the Temptations of the Muses!

Oh my goodness. Tickets went on sale October 14 for The Ahn Trio and Nai Ni Chen Dance Company, and they will here at The University of Texas at Tyler in a little over a month. I am so excited right now I can barely breathe. I think I made little squeaky duck sounds for a few minutes. I can always blame it on Mr. Quackers, the rubber duck assistant that was on my desk since before I started working here. He is my friend now and we are going for soft tacos later. Maybe I will take him to go see the recital with me! He would love it! 

Nothing solidifies a friendship like Mexican cuisine *sniffles*

Here is why I am so excited: The Ahn Trio hails from beautiful Seoul, Korea and consists of three sisters named Angella, Lucia, and Maria. Each sister is a classically trained musician alumina from Julliard, a very prestigious school for performers. They are very skilled with the piano, violin, and the cello. They travel to schools as ambassadors for music and fine arts to inspire children to pursue their talents in music, going anywhere from middle schools to colleges, where they offer master classes and workshops to people who are interested! Not only are they incredibly soulful performers, but they have a lot of heart for humanity as well. I admire these ladies greatly.

The Ahn Trio being amazing!
The Nai Ni Chen Dance Company will be dancing to their music. Ms. Chen is a very talented dancer and from The Peoples’ Republic of China, where she graduated from Chinese Cultural University in 1982. She used her talents as a traditional dancer to establish a dance company and Chen has been choreographing and dancing with her dance company since 1988, using movements inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy, the abstract, and martial arts. I've only ever seen clips of her dancing before, and to see such poetry in motion up close would be something so profound and awe-inspiring! Forget dreams of sugarplum fairies, this what dancers dream of from the moment we learn to execute triple pirouettes without getting dizzy and putting up our hair in that perfect ballerina bun without any help.  

Nai Ni Chen is such a dynamic lady! Read more here! :D
Tickets have gone on sale and this show is going to be spectacular! Be sure to check our Cowan Center page for prices, but if you’re a student and you get there on opening night: you may get free complimentary tickets as long as you have your student ID! See you at the show on November 14, readers!

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