Monday, September 2, 2013

Study hot spots during the school year for UT Tyler students

                The comfort of your own room to spend your late night study grinds is the usual thing, but sometimes the bed calls you and you succumb to slumber. Where else can you go to study besides your bed? How about some coffee shops!

                If you’re interested in going off campus to study, there are different coffee shops around town that provide delicious treats, free Wi-Fi and the all mighty coffee boost. There are different kinds of shops that provide coffee around Tyler such as Starbucks, Einstein Bros Bagels, Caffe Tazza, Panera Bread, Barnes & Nobles and Newk’s

                Here’s a chart to show the amenities that these different locations provide: 
                If you like having some noise around you when you study like I do, then these places are right for you. These places provide a mellow atmosphere that is comforting to study around. There’s not too much noise and it’s definitely not too quiet to make you sleep.

                If you get hungry, these sell food so you don’t have to take too much of a food break since it is right there available to you. To look at the menu that each establishment provides, go to their menu by navigating through their individual website.

                You can also go on campus to study if you wish to stay close to home. The Muntz library provides a great zone to study in as the first and third floor are silent areas. They also have their own coffee shop that brews Starbucks coffee. To read more on what the library offers click here


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