Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hybrid Classes at the UT Tyler

When I heard one of my classes was a hybrid class:

So, here is the down low on something that has been coming rapidly popular on our beloved campus in all its glory.

It’s this concept called HYBRID CLASSES. Or as the sticker that was given to my boyfriend “UTTYLER HYFLEX”

In my experience, I’ve been in about 5 hyflex classes. Only one of them was really a hybrid class. It was an introduction to Computer Information Systems class which is basically the tech class that business majors are required to take but on steroids. The classes that weren’t named hybrid classes were mostly in the history/political science area and well the computer science discipline.

Things that help with these kind of classes run along the same lines when taking a solely online class.

Here are two rules for your survival in both:

1.   Make friends with the professor, use email as if it’s air when you are at all confused.

2.   Double Tap…. Make a schedule via the internets and with a planner. Use the syllabus for all it’s worth because forgetting today was a day you had to be in class can be a grade killer.

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