Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall in Love with Fashion

Even though the first official day of fall is September 22, Texas doesn't seem to know that. With humidity high and the temperatures even higher, a fashionista can start to wonder, “when will it all end?”

So many cute clothes! Help!
There is hope. I know somewhere in the back of my closet, between me and Narnia, are all of cute “autumn”-wear clothes. I know what you’re thinking, readers.  Those cute fall clothes in question? I assure you: these aren't your grandma’s Christmas jumpers or your granddad’s clothes either for that matter!

This guy wears your grandpa's clothes...
Enter a world of rich shades of violet, crimson, and browns and save those pinks for spring and summer.  Those are the wings of a butterfly. For autumn, go ahead and be that daring fall fox! The color palette for fall echoes the natural color scheme of the leaves changing colors and the luxuriant looking sunset on newly cooling waters. Cute layered looks are sweeping runways and shopping malls alike this season and I couldn’t be more excited. I love copying this look with warm tights in November and you just cannot go wrong with the cute beret or booties. Booties keep your feet warm, but allow for those cute patterned tights to be shown off!

left: cute monochrome <3; right: snuggle sweater version! <3

             The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune on cute fall clothes. Stocking up on tights and your favorite style skirt will get you far. One of my personal favorites is a pleated “little black skirt”, because I love the versatility! Here’s a look that caught my attention:
So much love for foxes <3
Happy Note: The fox sweater has made a bold return to Old Navy this fall, thank goodness!

Some of my best inspirations come from going to vintage shops and looking through the racks, feeling like transforming into a combination of Indiana Jones mixed with Elle Woods on a quest for trendy fashion on a college budget. Where do you like to get inspired? What’s your favorite season, readers?

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