Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To eat in or not to eat in? That is the question.

                You’re stuck in your student apartment. You hear the gastric acids in your stomach rumbling all over. You are hungry. What do you do? Do you choose to stay home and cook something, or spend your money outside?      
                These are the questions that plague us.
                There are those of us who burn water, and there are those that find making a quiche easier than finding your car keys.
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 Those who have no idea how to cook opt to eating out at different places every day. That can be perfectly fine as long as you have the finances to back up your spending. Though choosing to cook something at home can be far more economical.

                You can spend a reasonable amount of money by buying produce, meats or even boxed dinners. For example, you can make a delicious and filling broccoli cheese soup with only three ingredients: broccoli, Velveeta cheese and milk. These ingredients will last more than one meal at a restaurant.

                You can get deals at a grocery store with boxed dinners, such as buy two for a certain price that is cheaper than buying just one. These boxed dinners tend to make more than one serving, so you have delicious left overs for the next day!
                By buying produce or meat for reasonable prices, you have more quantity in your fridge, than a plate at your favorite restaurant. Your different grocery items can be combined to create different meals in different days. It is all and adventure so go on and try different recipes.
                Thinking of where you can buy ingredients at low rates? When in doubt, go to Wal-Mart. The closes one is in Troup Highway near the school. For directions to Wal-mart from UT Tyler click here.
                Google will be your best friend when you cook, because there are different recipes out there. You just have to find the ones that are less complicated, as well as those that actually match up with the available ingredients you have.
                To see more cheap recipes click here.
                So don’t feel discouraged if you have no idea how to cook! It is all just trial and error.

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