Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fully Admitted Graduate Student at UT Tyler

Last week I received email confirmation from the Office of Graduate Studies regarding my full admission into the M.A. History program at the University of Texas at Tyler. This however was after Dr. Gajda the admissions adviser for the program personally emailed me about my acceptance. She also sent me the graduate school handbook so I can thoroughly look it over before I meet with her to make my degree plan. For the M.A. History program there are 2 degree plan options. Option I is the thesis route which along with the thesis courses I would also have to take some foreign language. This course is for those who are looking to go directly into a doctorate program as soon as they receive their Masters degree. However, option 2 is the non-thesis route which requires no foreign language. Needless to say I am going with option 2 since I would like to join the work force for a few years before attempting to pursue a PhD.

As I have already took 6 hours of graduate classes last semester I have a total of 30 hour to take before I receive my M.A. in History. As a graduate student you are given a maximum of 6 years to complete but I have found a way to complete it in 2 years (1 1/2 if I go full time for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters). Taking 9 hours in a semester is full time for a graduate student. That's about 3 books a week and depending on the professors 3 book reviews a week as well. For some this can seem like quite the work load.However, as a quasi-historian that really is not a lot of reading for me. Especially since I greatly enjoy reading these types of books.

The type of writing and study I'm talking about is revisionist history. In a general sense, revisionism in history is the reinterpretation of orthodox views on the reasoning, causes, and solid evidence concerning certain historical events and ideas. If you want to know more about grad school check out my blog on historiography.

In the end, my dear readers, I will most likely graduating with my M.A. History degree in either Fall of 2014 or Spring of 2015. this all depends on how well I can handle the 9 hours I'm already enrolled in for this coming Fall semester.

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