Thursday, March 14, 2013

Historiography: The Final Frontier

I've recently discovered the ultimate truth for a History Graduate student at the University of Texas at Tyler. It's all about the Historiography. What's a historiography you ask? Well it's kind of complected.

A historiography can either refer to a historical work on a specific topic or the study and development of history as a discipline if you will. So as a grad student I'm not only studying history I'm also looking into its development and doing some constructing of it on my own. Pretty interesting huh?

NO!!!! Well foo to you! I don't feel I should have to impress you.... But I guess I'm going to anyway so you better get ready.

Originally the term historiography was a general term used for the writing of history. However, over time this term has gained a more broad spectrum not only concentrating on the simple coverage of history.

Historiographers as they were known were the original historians working in royal courts across Europe and even through Asia. In China the historiographer would hold an esteemed position and would never be forced to alter any histories that had been written. So, some of the most accurate historical writings come from these ancient Chinese historiographers. Pretty neat huh? You don't think so? Well how about this.....

Can you guess who this is? Given up? This is a picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt the 32nd president of the United States. He looks dashing in his long flowing locks and fancy dress. Yes that is a dress.

If you'd like to know why it was not the least bit odd for a male toddler to be dressed in such a way I suggest choosing history as a major. Not only will it give you a perspective on this picture but will also give you a better perspective of the world we live in and why things are the way they are. 

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