Wednesday, July 3, 2013

UT Tyler students! How will you celebrate patriotism this 4th of July?

                Annually, every American comes together to celebrate one of the best holidays of the year, well besides Christmas.
                4th of July makes us all feel like true patriots as we enjoy Independence Day! I’ve only lived in this country for 10 years but I feel like I am an American!! Go ‘Merica!

                If you decided to move to Tyler early this summer, you can have some options to glorify this great nation.   First and foremost here are a few things that you must have/do for this day:
·         BUY FIREWORKS!!
·         Set your destination
·         Get your grill ready
·         Buy meat for grilling
·    Buy your patriotic clothes!

You may think, where can I buy fireworks? Well as you may or may not know, there are a few firework stands on the city limits of town. Try finding these by googling Texas fireworks or you can check out one of the store’s website at
More importantly, you need to find the right place to have this 4th of July awesomeness. Do you want to make it a lake day? Or maybe one of your friends lives on the outskirts of town where it is legal to do fireworks.

Lake Palestine

If you choose to do a lake day, you can head out to places like Lake Tyler, or Lake Palestine, again by googling these places you can find directions! So go buy those groceries and get ready to grill and celebrate!
Last but not least, you have to look the part. What American celebrates 4th of July without patriotic wear? No one of course. ‘Merica! So head out to target, the mall, or wherever and be sure to wear that red, white and blue!
Stay safe and have fun!

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