Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To: Long Distance Relationships

Being a military kid, I know what it's like to keep in touch for long periods of time over large distances. At least with friends. With them it's easy. I never worry about moving to new places and leaving my friends behind, because I know that I'll still hear from them all the time and eventually see them (if they're as good a friend as you think they are). Then if I don't, I just know that that person was never really a friend you were meant to have. 

When it came to ROMANTIC relationships I was the biggest cynic. 

As a senior I'd talk to my friends with boyfriends and ask, "What are ya'll gonna do next year?". They'd answer with the usual, "We'll just see what happens" or "We won't be that far from each other, we can visit each other all the time", etc. In my mind I would scoff and think, "Sureeeeee..."

To me, the thought was that a young long-distance relationship could never work.
But now I really hope they can.

I honestly never thought that I would be in this situation, but now that I am, I am going to make my first long-distance romantic relationship work. I think since I've dealt with separation and moving before, I'll be okay. But looking through websites and etc, these are the helpful tips that I am filing in my head to help me (and anyone else in a similar situation) through the long lonely nights away from my loved ones. 

1. Video Chats!
I see my roommate and her boyfriend do this all the time. They call each other and set up a time to Skype each other, then they make it. On time. Whether she has to take a break from studying for about 30 minutes, she will. 
So no matter how far away you are, you can always see each other

2. Communicate in more than one way!
Phone calls get old. But everyone loves getting mail, so be sure to send people you care about little small packages and gifts, maybe even a long handwritten letter or two (if you remember how to do those).

3. Remember, it's not all bad!
Now you have time to ACTUALLY do homework, study, see your friends, make new friends, spend time with your family, play video games... whatever it is that you like to do that you never had time to do before! Maybe you can even take up a new hobby, the possibilities are endless.

4. You can still do things together!


Watch a movie individually and call each other to talk about it when it's done, start a little mini-book club together, synchronize watches together... anything that you can do to still feel connected to them.

5. You can always visit!
Whether it be by plane, by train, in a box, or with a fox there is ALWAYS a way to get to see your loved one. Schedules get busy, work and school get in the way, even money starts to become an issue, but no matter how long it takes, you can always go see your special someone. Just take advantage of the time ya'll have together and have as much fun as possible.

There are so many people in long-distance relationships. Ask your friends who have already dealt with it how they did it (I know I do). Just remember to communicate, to be honest, don't be controlling, be patient, and know that it's only temporary. 

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