Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Deal with Group Projects...

As we all may know by now that the end of semester is pretty much full of group projects and assignments. And from my personal experience, I believe that I have learned different techniques to handle group projects.
1.       Start ahead and get ideas together when the project is assigned.
2.       Become a leader and get the group members on track.
3.       Divide up the tasks with in the group. (Remember as a leader; take the responsibility of finishing up the project on time.)
4.       Give the group a personal due date to make sure the final project gets turned in on time.
5.       And most important of all, don’t let the group’s grade suffer because of one member. Talk to that individual if necessary. And keep your professor informed about the group updates.

Group projects need a lot of extra attention in order for it to turn out perfectly. It is very important to know how others can be affected in your group because of the lack of an individual’s responsibility.
Communication is another important factor to keep in mind. Everyone as a team needs to know the updates of the project. If for any reason you may have problem finishing up your part, just let the group leader know and the group members can work as a team to help that individual out. As long as everyone communicates well with others, group projects can be an easy A.
And of course, the professor can see the hard work that the group members have put in there. So don’t procrastinate, just work as a team to create a fun and successful assignments.
Good Luck everyone!