Thursday, May 30, 2013

Castles, Castles, and More Castles

I recently spoke of my planned travels top England which have now come to be. Which means it is no longer planned travels since it has already occurred. The happening has been traveled . Anyway, as a graduate student in history at The University of Texas at Tyler it’s easy to understand why I would enjoy visiting the United Kingdom so much. I mean, it’s where history comes from.

I began my travels in Wallsend which received its name from marking then eastern most end of the 80 mile long wall built under Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire. Wallsend is a suburb of the larger Newcastle just as Plano is a suburb of Dallas or Rice Village is that of Houston. Starting there we made our way around to several castles and made day trips to both Edinburgh and York. Most of my time in Northern England however, was spent around castles…. Castles, castles, and more castles. Everywhere you turn there’s another castle. Drive to far you’ll run your car right into one. Sometimes they seem to just pop up out of the ground. I then took the Brit-rail to spend a few days in London.

As promised I will be posting a series on my travels in Great Britain... Just as soon as I get the pictures off of a camera. But until then I will be keeping everyone up to date on all the musical happening around Tyler through the summer. 

life cheat 5093714: is anyone even reading these life cheats. I mean most of them are actual things 

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