Thursday, February 14, 2013

Forever Alone!

          So today is Valentine's Day here at UT Tyler, and love is in the air. Unfortunately for me, I am left yet again single on this one horrific day of the year. Like most people left single on Valentine's Day, I despise everything that has to do with love today.
          Well, that's not completely true. I do enjoy receiving candy and chocolate and food! So anytime somebody offers any of the above things to me, I quickly accept and consume. But hey, I always convince myself that "It will be different next year, Chandler. I Promise." But every year always turns out to be the same. Only this year, I can't even get candy from my parents. But hey, I won't let that bring me down! So far, today has turned out to be one of the better Thursdays of the year so far!
          In the words of my history professor, "Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about romantic love!! It can also be about the love that you have for your friends and family!" And I totally agree. If couples can express their love for one another, then why can't I say how I love my friends? After all, it IS Valentines Day! So just so all of my friends know, I love you.
          Later tonight, the staff and RA's at O-Hall are throwing a Singles Party, or otherwise known as a "Forever Alone Party." It starts at 8 pm, and they will be celebrating being single by playing games, eating food, and watching movies with other single people! Everyone will be together alone! :) Hope all of you singles out there can make it!
And I'd like to thank Megan E. Allen for bringing us pizza and Valentines cards! :D

Tell us how you're spending your Valentines Day this year! Leave a comment below!


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