Friday, February 15, 2013

Chandler's Study Tips at UT Tyler!

       Next week, I am going to have my very first history exam since I've been in college! History 1301 is actually my favorite class this semester, but I still am anxious about this upcoming test. I don't know what to expect from the professor, and I know that during tests, I sometimes get anxiety and tend to forget stuff!

Luckily, I find history to be a most interesting subject!
      To help some of you out there who have a hard time studying, I am going to teach you some study habits to keep in mind when studying for a test!
  1. Limit your distractions. If a friend asks if you want to hang out, tell them that you have to be a good kid and study for a test. If you end up failing a test and you were with your friends all the time instead of studying, you have yourself to blame. Also, hide all of your electronics from yourself. After studying for a certain amount of time, reward yourself with a little bit of social interaction!
  2. Start a study group! Believe it or not, studying with a group of people can actually be effective! You don't get bored as quickly, and hopefully you'll like the people you're studying with! You do not have to study alone if you don't want to!
  3. Use flash cards! Sometimes the best study habits are the ones that we've been using for a long time! Flash cards are really good to use for definitions or "formal lists".Turn it into a memory game if you need to!
  4. Get good sleep! Studying nonstop for long hours at night can all go to waste without necessary sleep! As a human being, you require sleep and food to operate, so take good care of your body. Remember, you only have one!
Also, we have a Testing Center here on campus! Stop by and get more study advice! 
So there you go, guys! Go do some hardcore studying! Ace that test! Make good grades! Impress your teacher!

Got any study tips that you use? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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