Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Semester

New Semester!

   This new semester is (thankfully) starting off much easier than the last one and I for one and super thankful. My last semester consisted of all my worst subjects, rolled into a squishy ball of “I hate my life.” This semester is two English classes ( yay! ), one Bio course ( ~_~ Boo! ) and an online cinema class where we watch films. No kidding!

   What makes me excited about my English courses is that they are Graduate Level courses so I will have to read/work my behind off, but I am happy to be starting the Graduate process. My other interests of mind-controlling-severity will include:

-          -Take/study the GRE test
-          -Write/commit-to-concept papers for Grad Submissions as Writing Samples
-         - Apply for other colleges
-        -  Keep on top of my Grad classes

   My book purchases this semester were also the lowest ever here at UT ( 60 bucks! ) however is because [ so far ] I only need books for one class. Not too bad.

   Despite a possible hiccup in Financial Aid, everything got fixed up very well and my funds released today. I paid for books, my storage unit, and also got myself a new laptop.

   Last semester was particularly troubling ( well, for me anyway in regards to this problem ) because I had quite a few online components and class projects which was not workable from an iPad. I rented an e-textbook which had no NOOK support on the device, thus it was for all intents useless.

   This semester while I am on campus I’ll have access to a real laptop so I can use a full version of Office, watch the films I’ll need to see for class, and upload/submit my WORD document papers, etc…

   In all, it will be a difficult semester, but only because of the extra-curricular stuff that will be possible because my physical course-work is so agreeable.