Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New semester checklist

   At the beginning of my freshmen year of college I had all this free time before school started and was lost at what to do. At the time I didn't have a television or a real laptop (I had a net-book that was more a pain to use than anything else).
 So I did what any other person would do, I read the first chapter of my politics books and wrote notes.

 As the new semester is soon to come in session, I again am left with all this free time and at lost at what to do. My books that I rented from Chegg have yet to arrived. I got my lab manual and solutions for my chemistry class but I can't really do anything without them yet. 

So as I sat twiddling my thumbs in my room watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. I came up with a checklist for the new semester.

1. Put your schedule in whatever form you use to remember it and be informed of the times and classrooms. Don't forget to check it before your first classes in case of a change in classroom. I ended up late for a class because I had the wrong room number. That was fun. My method of keeping up with my schedule is to use Google calender and then screenshot my schedule and put it as my lock screen on my iPhone. 

2. Get your books. Use whatever site/store you use and get them. Be aware that you may not use the books depending on the teacher. I usually always check my syllabus before I get my books to confirm the use of said textbook.

3. Make sure your financial aid went through and all that jazz. Remember everybody makes mistakes and mistakes can be fixed. Be aware that at beginning of the semester, everything related to classes and aid will probably be a busy place.

4. Know that  the 9th is the last day to drop classes online. The 14th is the last day to add classes online.  The census date is January 24th.

5. Remember to take a breath and relax. 

I leave you all to your thoughts about everything you just read :)
as I head home and do some notes for my online business law class... 

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