Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gabby's Winter Break!

Today marks my first official work day of the new year! I'm not going to lie, leaving home and coming back to school was not something I was looking forward to :( I definitely got use to lounging around, not having to think about school related things and mom's home cooking, not to mention the Filipino food that my grandpa was cooking during the holiday season! YUMM:) My grandparents from the Philippines came this past October after being out of the US for 2 years! It really made the holidays extra special <3
  So now i'm back at UT Tyler and enjoyed an extremely busy day of re-organizing my room and putting my gazillion stuff back in my apartment in PV ( I kinda have an over packing problem.... ) So my very first blog of the year is of course about my winter break!!!:) Instead of writing long and detailed paragraphs about it, i'm just gonna show you in pictures and captions :) Hope you enjoy it!( By the way, I didn't do anything special since I am taking a GINORMOUS 5 week trip to Japan this summer )

Many doubted it but it was a white Christmas! :) 
My grandma was so cold! Her definition of cold is 70 degrees since the average temperature in the Philippines is 80  degrees or higher! 

You can't really tell but my cheeks we're so PUFFY for about a week
and a half after my wisdom teeth procedure. My Mom said it should healed by Christmas...
well this was Christmas Eve mass and I was still pretty much in pain. ( Who schedules wisdom teeth surgery the week of Christmas?!?! I hope you read this Mom! )
And yes, it was incredibly awful. 

Got to see my doggiessssss:) 

Oh yes! Face painting+ magicians+surprise party= AWESOME NIGHT
( And yes... I am 20 years old ;p) 
 Hockey Games are always fun!
Although I can't stand the fighting.. 
2012 was incredibly good to be but HELLLOOOOO 2013!
Looking forward to more amazing adventures to come!  

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Looks like you had a great break! Such an awesome blog!

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