Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to stay healthy!

Fact: I was sick every month of the past semester
That's not very good.

So I came back to Tyler to start the semester off right with the goal of not getting sick this semester. 
The goal is semi-reachable. Aside from my weak immune system.
To reach this goal I've adapted a new "get healthy"  routine.

Thus I've created a blog about tips about staying healthy.

No sodas. Even cutting down on consumed sodas is good for you health.

Drink lots of water in replace to all the sodas you're not drinking :)

Wash your hands. 

Eat fruit! and or vegetables 

Don't slouch in chairs. It's not good for your back

Don't look at the computer like this. It hurts your eyes.Take more active
breaks from your computer use. 

Take up running! or some other sport!

Get 8 hours of sleep.
This is a hard one. I know.

Eat less sugar! and sugar loaded delicious treats


The model for this photo shoot is my lovely roommate. Who I thank for doing a cheesy photoshoot with me. All this tips are things you repeatedly hear. That doesn't take away from the truth of the matter.Adieu! blog readers. I must do all these things and then save the world from the wrath of an unknown enemy.

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paultheuglydog said...

I think that your roommate looks pretty when she is slouching in that chair.

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